About Us


DRAWY & DROIT LAW OFFICE is an independent Indonesian law office which offers various legal services which meet with the demand of both foreign and Indonesian clients comprehensively. Drawy & Droit established by experienced professional advocates who have legal expertise on both litigation and non-litigation matters. Drawy & Droit main vision is to provide the best legal services to its client while still incompliance with the prevailing Indonesian law and regulations.

Our team are build from profesional who has many experiences and capabilities in legal practices, in the form of both legal advices and strategy for individual or companies clients which satisfied every business challenges and needs.

We understand we are facing the rapid development of business interest and needs in Indonesia, especially after the realization of ASEAN Economic Community. Such development will raise a more complex and shopisticated legal problems which eventually will raise the needs of an adjusment and legal compliance within the business sector and community in doing their activities. Facing this, our team consistenly continue to enhance themselves with knowledge as well as experiences to meet those challenges and our clients expectations.

Furthermore, such complex and shopisticated legal problems, in Indonesian, will also meet with the Indonesian unique system of decentralization. Realizing this, our team has gained their experiences not only in Jakarta but also in other part of Indonesia.

Moreover, we also have an extensive knowledge on Indonesian law hierarchy including the prevailing regional law in Indonesia. We also have a good networking and relationship with the government institution both at the central government and regional. We kept and maintain this networking and relationship in order to help our works and to help our clients to achieve their business interest and goals.

We have the commitment to always give our best efforts in providing the best legal services. For us, our clients needs could only be satisfied through the best legal services base on the law from a great legal experts. A measurable, effective, and at reasonable cost services are also our definition of best legal services.